Femoral Arterial Thrombosis Post Total Knee Arthroplasty – A Rare but Dreaded Complication

Volume 7 | Issue 2 | May – August 2019 | Page: 27-30  | Mohan Thadi, Prajwal P. Mane, Vijith Vijay

Authors: Mohan Thadi [1] , Prajwal P. Mane [1] , Vijith Vijay [1].

[1] Department Of Orthopaedics, Amrita Institute Of Medical Sciences, Kochi, Kerla,India.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Prajwal P. Mane,
Arthroplasty Fellow, Department Of Orthopaedics,
Amrita Institute Of Medical Sciences, Kochi, Kerla, India.
E-mail: pjlmane@gmail.com


Acute arterial occlusion, a rare complication after total knee arthroplasty (TKA), reportedly has an incidence of 0.03–0.17% which if undetected can result in limb loss. Cases of acute arterial occlusion following TKA reported in the literature have been mainly attributed to the iatrogenic popliteal artery injury. It is important to understand the mechanism of occlusion as it can lead to limb-threatening ischemia. The use of tourniquet and manipulation of the knee joint in an elderly with arteriosclerosis may induce disruption of an atheromatous plaque that could lead to arterial occlusion. Here, we report a rare case of arterial occlusion ofthe femoral artery post-TKA.
Keywords: atherosclerosis, total knee arthroplasty, acute limb ischaemia post knee replacement, femoral vessel thrombus


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