Lets take JKOA Ahead Together

Volume 7 | Issue 1 | Jan – April 2019 | Page: 1| Anil K Bhat

Authors: Anil K Bhat [1].

[1] Department of Orthopedics, Kasturba Medical College,Manipal, India.

Address of Correspondence

Dr Anil K. Bhat

Professor and Head,

Department of Orthopedics, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal

Email: anilkbhat@yahoo.com

Lets take JKOA Ahead Together

Dear KOA Members & Readers,

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. It gives me an immense pleasure to present the first issue of KOA Journal for the year 2019. I am also happy to inform that we had published two issues in the last year (January-April & May-August) and hope to publish three issues this year which will help in scaling up our indexation capacity by next year.
I would like to thank the KOA members for their support in submitting scientific articles which helped us in publishing these issues. The Index Copernicus indexing has been maintained for our journal and future indexing including DOAJ & PubMed would soon be a reality. I request all the members submitting their scientific work to align their manuscript in the format prescribed by the journal. Peer review and copy editing process takes a lot of time and hence, the authors are requested to send the required corrections on priority which will help us speed up the process of publication.
The growing insistence of publications and research by UGC, MCI and other regulatory authorities which also have become a criteria for promotion and incentives have fostered publications in predatory or fake journals. With India having 903 Universities and almost 4,000 colleges, the academic performance indicators introduced by many regularity bodies which has made research compulsory for teachers has resulted in large number of these faculty to take the easiest option which is publishing in predatory journals. India is now seen as one of the biggest global hubs for predatory publishing. This requires a word of caution to the younger generation and also for faculty and researchers to avoid publishing in such journals which ultimately leads to erosion of honesty and ethics in clinical practice. The readers should acquaint themselves about such journals and a starting point would be the Beall”s list of predatory journals and publishers (www.beallslist.weebly.com). This website shows the entire list of publishers and journals which are predatory in nature and which is updated from time to time. The efforts of Mr. Jeffrey Beall, an American library science Professor has resulted in drawing attention to the racket of such fake journals. . Our journey through the research pathway should be with utmost caution and we need to guide our students and faculty not to adopt such mal-practices in their professional life. The KOA journal is committed for its integrity and good practice. The Editorial team hopes to receive authentic scientific work for future publications from all our members and readers so as to keep the integrity of our journal at its highest level.

Thanking you all and wishing once again a very prosperous year ahead,

Dr. Anil K. Bhat

Chief Editor, Journal of KOA

How to Cite this article: Bhat AK. Lets Take JKOA Ahead Together. J Kar Orth Assoc. Jan-April 2019; 7(1): 1


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