Lipoma Arborescens: A Case of Massive Knee Swelling

Vol. 10 | Issue 1 | January-February 2022 | Page: 29-31 | Rinju Krishnan, Aditi A. Pinto, Tarun Desai, Rajkumar S. Amaravathi


Authors:  Rinju Krishnan [1], Aditi A. Pinto [1], Tarun Desai [1], Rajkumar S. Amaravathi

[1] Department Of Orthopaedics, St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Address of Correspondence

Dr. Rajkumar S. Amaravathi,
Department Of Orthopaedics, St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.


Lipoma arborescens is not so common condition of unknown etiology. The usual presentation is that of a long standing mono articular soft tissue swelling involving the knee joint. This diagnosis is not often made clinically but usually made with the help of Magnetic Resonance imaging and Biopsy. We are reporting a case of chronic massive knee joint swelling so as to raise awareness about the condition and its imaging features, so that misdiagnosis can be avoided and early appropriate treatment can be given.
Keywords: Lipoma arborescens, Synovium, Magnetic Resonance Imaging


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