Treatment of distal humerus extra-articular fractures using a single 3.5mm precontoured locking compression plate

Volume 6 | Issue 2 | May-Aug 2018 | Page 7-11 | Darshan Kumar A. Jain, Rahul P, Aubrey Conrad, Franco.

Authors: Darshan Kumar A. Jain [1], Rahul P [1], Aubrey Conrad [1], Franco [1].

[1]Department of Orthopaedics, Ramaiah Medical College & Hospital, Bangalore.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Darshan Kumar A. Jain,

Department of Orthopaedics,

Ramaiah Medical College & Hospital, Bangalore.



Background: Extra-articular distal humerus fractures are relatively rare,and optimal surgical fixation is a quandary for orthopedic surgeons. The introduction of the extra-articular distal humerus locking plates has provided a viable option,and in our study, we have retrospectively analyzed 17 patients with extra-articular distal radius fracture surgically treated using the 3.5mm extra-articular distal humerus locking plate through the paratricipital approach.

Materials and Methods: A total of 17 patients with closed extra-articular fractures of the distal humerus presenting within 3weeks of injury were operated between June 2015 and July 2017 using the 3.5mm distal humerus extra-articular plate through the paratricipital approach. All patients were followed up for a minimum of 10months,and radiological and functional outcome were accessed. The Mayo Elbow performance score (MEPS)and the disabilities of arm, shoulder,and hand (DASH)questionnaire were employed.

Results: The mean age of patients was 40.6 years (range 18–60 years) with 9 females and 8 males. All fractures united with a mean time to union of 16.94 weeks (range 14–20 weeks). The mean follow-up period was 12.5 months(range 10–15 months). Preoperatively two patients had radial nerve palsy andpostoperatively one patient developed radial nerve palsy, all had neuropraxia and recovered completely. 15 patients had excellent results,and two patients had good results using MEPS,and the mean DASH score was 14.6 ± 5.4.

Conclusion: Extra-articular distal humerus fractures can be treated successfully by a single precontoured extra-articular distal humerus locking compression plate with minimal soft tissue injury and good functional outcome.

Keywords: Distal humerus fracture, extra-articular, locking plate.


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